We understand applying for/starting a new role can be daunting, especially if the process is different to what you're used to. See below for our list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) which will hopefully help you with any questions you may have. 

Applying for Brammer Buck & Hickman

What format should my CV be in?

Microsoft Word format is ideal, or a PDF that can be emailed as an attachment

How can i apply if i can't upload my CV?

During the application process you will get an option to apply and forward your CV to us through the online system later. If you select this option you will receive an email prompting you to attach your CV for the vacancy.

Alternatively if you ever encounter any difficulties uploading your CV when applying you can email us for support at ukcareers@rubix.com.

Have you received my application/CV?

When you submit your application through our careers site, you should have received an acknowledgment email straight away. If you applied via a different website such as a job site or Indeed it can take slightly longer for that to come through to us. If you are ever uncertain as to whether we have received your application email us at ukcareers@rubix.com and we will be able to check for you straight away.

Interview process

Why do you conduct telephone interviews?

Telephone interviews enable us to process a high volume of CV responses. We read every CV for the role and invite those who match the job brief best to a phone screening – which will explore your experience, motivation and cover off any basic information such as salary.

I haven’t been interviewed by phone before and I’m quite nervous.

There’s no need to worry, we’re all very friendly people at the Brammer Resourcing Team! Being well-prepared for the interview will help a lot with your confidence and you can have all your notes and your CV to hand. It’s just like a normal interview but you don’t need to dress up smartly or go anywhere for this stage.

Do I need to prepare for the phone interview?

It is strongly recommended to do some research on Brammer Buck & Hickman and the Rubix Group and the job role, as you would for any interview. Being prepared could make a big difference to the outcome, and it will certainly improve your confidence. There is a lot of help available – you will receive a standard job brief to read with your interview confirmation. Take a look at our company’s website and get a picture of the business, products/services and our customers.

Know your own work history – Be prepared to be asked about your recent work history so have your CV to hand. Be prepared for questions like “why did you leave the last role?” and have some answers ready.

What are the benefits to me of going through a phone interview?

The phone screening is your chance to gain a lot of information about the role you have applied for. It will also be your opportunity to show off your knowledge and experience, and our opportunity to get to know you better.  You will be able to discuss the hours, location and salary and decide if the job is really right for you. A lot can be achieved in one short phone call, which is easy to fit into your day and requires no travelling. If you do go to the next stage you will be well prepared for the face to face interview - you will be already armed with a lot of information which will help you as go through the process.

How long will the phone interview take?

It depends on the role but will normally take about 30 minutes.

So what happens next after the phone interview?

At the end of the telephone interview stage the recruiter will shortlist and liaise with the hiring manager, and if successful you will go forward to a face to face interview, usually at the location where the job is based.
We will arrange the time with you, confirm all details by email and answer any questions that you may have.
This is the point where you will be reminded to dress smartly, make eye contact with the interviewer and smile!

Will I get feedback even if I’m not successful?

Yes, we aim to speak to all candidates who have been through the phone interview within a week and offer feedback, which may be helpful to you in future interviews. We may tell you (with your permission) that we are going to pipeline your details for consideration for future vacancies at Brammer Buck & Hickman.

Congratulations - You got the job!

What time shall i start on my first day?

This will depend on what part of the business you are joining; either a member of the resourcing team or your new manager will be in touch and arrange this with you prior to starting.